Friday, November 26, 2010

Luke Boechler Update - Nov/25

Hello Friends and Family,First, let me apologize for not updating you more regularly - I can't believe that it has been more than a month since I last sent one out. We've been really busy not being busy - so there really is no excuse. We think about all of you often and very much look forward to getting home and seeing everyone - hopefully (still) by Christmas.

Luke is doing well and his doctor is pleased with his progress - his levels continue to climb and his liver function has returned to normal levels. A milestone of sorts was reached when Luke and I joined a fitness club last Friday. He and I have been going every day since - needless to say its been good for both of us (Jeannine stays home and does her Pilates/Tae-Bo and enjoys some quiet time for herself). She goes on some therapeutic shopping trips about every second day while "the boys" stay home - which is great with everyone. We get along remarkably well considering how much we are together in our condo. Luke is certainly getting stronger day-by-day and is eating much better, but the weight gain is very slow. Strangely, his moustache is growing back, but eyelashes are just starting to fall out - the new ones coming in must be pushing the old ones out. There's a little shadow on top now so hopefully he'll get some hair for a Christmas present.

And how about those Riders! Its been sad here in Calgary since the Riders ended the Stamps season this past week - oh, so sad! Excuse me, I have to get a tissue. As a Montreal Gazette reporter said - it was class over sass - couldn't agree more. Now - one more game guys! As many of you probably know, Luke (and dad) had a dream come true when Mike Babcock, coach of the Detroit Red Wings called and invited us to spend time with the Wings on both the Tuesday and Wednesday they were in Calgary and it was topped off by attending the game with my buddy Bill (who lives in Calgary) and a Wings win. Unfortunately Jeannine wasn't allowed in the locker room, but enjoyed the time as well. The Wings were pure class - we met every member of the team from the GM to the trainers and they were to a person so welcoming and personable - it was truly an experience we'll always treasure. It was initiated by Pierre McGuire (TSN) who has taken a special interest in Luke since the very beginning - Pierre, we can't thank you enough. The hockey network continues to work its magic as Brian Skrudland - former Cup winner with Habs/Dallas Stars and current scout with the Florida Panthers stopped by for a visit and presented Luke with a cool jersey signed by the team and a couple of days ago, the Calgary Flames called and invited us to come to practice next Tuesday - so we're certainly looking forward to that as well. We've also been able to get to some Jr hockey games when some of Luke's former team mates are playing and that's been fun for him as well.

Luke bought himself a Mac laptop and lent his old one (starting to fall apart) to bro Paul (whose did fall apart). That Mac is a pretty cool little machine. He's gaming on-line with some of his buds now and that really passes the time for him. So, all is quite well with Luke and family - if you had told us going into this that Luke would be where he is at now, 2 months after transplant, we would have taken it hands down. That pretty much says it all. As the doctor weans him off his immuno-suppressant, cyclosporine, the possibility of "Graft Versus Host Disease" (GVHD) becoming evident is a possibility, so that is the next thing we'll have to watch. We count our blessings each and every day and you can be sure each of you are a part of that. Hopefully, the next update will be telling you that we are heading home to Yorkton. Until then, thank you all for your warm wishes, thoughts and prayers. Please take care and give your loved ones a hug for us.

All our best,Brian, Jeannine, LUKE, Brittany and Paul.

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PPS - Attached is a picture of us with Coach Mike Babcock and another of Luke and I with Wings Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg


Anonymous said...

awesome news! Still hoping to see Luke back between the pipes sometime.

Anonymous said...

You want heart, soul, determination and grit, look at the person second from the right. He's got it all.

Off topic the word verification is 'stein' haha. Figured I had to share that one.

Fan from La Ronge said...

Love too see the progress. Great news, I follow your family's progress as you have posted so far, thx!

Bryan "lungs" Woloschuk said...

This sounds like great news glad to hear Luke is doing well and hope he continues to do well in his recovery. Look forward to reading your next report on Luke's progress.