Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh, How Times Have Changed!

Being away for the next couple days, I've had to work ahead a little today, which meant 3 of my morning editorials, or "Sports Scopes." Here's the one that will air at 7:45 tomorrow (WED), inspired by a conversation I had yesterday with GX94 producer Chad Mikals. Might make us passionate Rider fans think a little!


I think I'm as guilty as anyone for getting down on the Riders when they have a rare loss, or in this case, back to back losses, at home.

But let's think back to 2007.

The Riders were 2nd place... and, as Rider fans... we were on Cloud #9... absolutely jacked up that the Riders would host their first playoff game since 1988. Wow, a home playoff game!

Well, the Riders won the Grey Cup that year... hosted another home playoff game in '08... won the West Division last year, hosted the West Final and went to the Grey Cup.

Now, 2010... the Riders are second place again, clinched a 4th straight home playoff game, but barring a miracle, won't get first.

Are we esctatic? NO! We're choked!

We're questioning the manhood of all 42 players on the roster and the sanity of our aging coaching staff.

Second place... 9-and-6... how mediocre!

Three years ago we would have killed for it, and now it's not good enough.

That's a credit to the Riders, first off, for raising the bar... but it also goes to show that nothing makes us happy.

Grey Cup or bust... sad, but true.

With Sports Scope, I'm Craig Stein.


Both Millionaire games will still be on the radio tonight and tomorrow, but a slight change of plans.

Turns out it didn't work out for Randy Atkinson to do tomorrow's game... so we would have had to cancel the broadcast... BUT... Gino De Paoli from CK750 in Melfort has graciously agreed to do the game for us tomorrow night, on our station.

Thanks Gino! Even though I learned from Darrell Mann's latest interview on sjhl.ca you're a die-hard Calgary Stampeder fan!

I'll still have tonight's game from Nipawin, before heading back home to celebrate the life of my Grandma tomorrow.

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Craig Stein said...

Well I guess 97 of the last 100 years have been BUST then.

My point is that from 1990 to 2007, with the expection of a shocking GC appearance in '97, the Riders were a bad, bad football team... now they're perennially RIGHT THERE, and we're only happy if they win it all... while last decade we were lucky to watch a road playoff game (loss) on TV.

I'm the same way... I teared up at the end of the Grey Cup, and beat the hell out of my couch on Sunday, but I'm just saying we're lucky to watch a competitive team year after year now!