Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home Stretch To Holidays

I'm at that point I get to every year in December. Love my job, but can't WAIT for Christmas. Things non-work related are driving me bonkers right now, and it they begin with the letters VW.

We bought a more fuel efficient car and my wife drives it since she teaches in Melville everyday, which means I get her (very manly) Volkswagen Beetle. If you see a guy driving around in a grey bug in Yorkton, it's probably me.

That thing is NOT conditioned for Saskatchewan winters, and has slept in a warm garage everyday of its life, and when I'm gone doing games, it sits outside at the radio station. I wasn't able to plug in the other night, and it wouldn't start when I got back, so I was forced to take the station truck home. Boosting it after my game in Dauphin Wednesday night was the most frustrating evening/early morning I've had in a while. My trusty colourman Clark Stork stuck around and helped, and even with jumper cables it just wouldn't go. Finally I gave it one last shot at about 3:00am after finishing my stuff at the station, and on my last try it started, but then wouldn't start again after filling up with gas across the street, having let it run for half an hour first. Had to boost again.

So, I just got back from doing a senior hockey game in Wadena (Wadena beat Foam Lake 4-3) in the Fishing Lake League. Had the stupid bug plugged in the whole time I was gone, and guess what. No go. I'm upstairs at the station now waiting for my wife to come get me, as my station truck is signed out for tomorrow morning and I can't take it. Serves me right for having one vehicle made in Germany and one in Japan, just not made for life in Sask. My old Cavalier which I just traded in wasn't much to look at (no A/C, or power ANYTHING), but never once did it let me down after a road trip. It sat outside for three days while I was gone to Kindersley/Battleford last season, it was -30 all three days, and she fired up. It groaned, but it knew who was boss.

I've actually got a pretty easy week to wrap up my pre-Christmas sked. Yorkton @ Notre Dame Sunday, Melville HOME to Nipawin Tuesday, and then Wayway in Neepawa Friday. The wife teaches until the 22nd so I'm working till then too, then off the 23rd-30th.


Those poor Terriers pumped 32 shots against Humboldt and lost 2-1. I honestly feel for them, they're playing good hockey, and still winning more than losing, but they'd be pushing for first if they had any kind of luck.

As of this second it's 12:51 AM and the Melville/La Ronge score still isn't up, and am I the only one who can't get on the SJHL Message Board? All that comes up is Santa Claus and a Christmas Tree and Frosty the Snowman. Just my computer? Or are those holiday cheer pictures messing it up? As much as I sort of don't like the msg board, I think someone from LAR would have the score on it.

Can someone help me out? Surely by morning it'll be on there so whatever.

Mils in La Ronge again tonight (SAT). Yorkton @ ND tomorrow. Swan @ Neepawa and Wayway @ Saints tonight.


Clark Stork said...

Well it is now 11:47 AM on Saturday and the website, STILL isn't updated. I finally got Feez out of bed after 9:30, of course after phoning everyone from Bob Beaty to their online stats person to MBC, all the way to Mrs. Lamberty who I woke up at 7:55 AM. So sorry Mrs. Lamberty.:)


Craig Stein said...

haha, now THERE's an investigative reporter! i see it's on the SJ twitter now, but no summary.

Ken said...

Yeah, all the "Globel Warming" crowd wants us to drive more Greener vehicles but they all live in warm climates and they don't know about Saskatchwan winters!!!